So I’m all paid up and registered for the Melbourne Marathon on the 8th of October.

I’ve been concentrating on the longer runs lately, going for two or three one-hour runs during the week, and a longer one on the weekend. My long run last Sunday was two hours, and I was pretty sore the following day (knees and hips mainly, muscles in the legs feeling fine), and not too bad today. Certainly much better than after my half-marathon last year. So I feel pretty good about completing the distance, but it will definitely take me at least 4 hours.

So if you’d like to come and cheer me along, the course is on the website. I’m going to pace myself at 6min/km, so I expect to be at the 10km mark at 9am (Thames Promenade & Nepean Hwy), 20km at 10am (Reserve Rd & Beach Rd), 30km at around 11-11:10am (South Rd & Beach Rd) and the finish line between 12:15 and 12:30. I think I’ll need the most encouragement after the 30km mark, so feel free to sleep in and come to the later stages to give me a boost.

My race number is 681 (with a red background, indicating full marathon competitors).

Wish me luck!