I love the beach.

In spite of being a computer geekspert by day (and usually night as well!), I’m actually a frustrated sculptor. Given the proverbial lottery win, I’d most likely set myself up with a studio and become an artist, starting with sculpture. As the million-dollar cheque hasn’t yet arrived (must have been a mix up somewhere or possibly something to do with the fact that I never buy lottery tickets), I content myself with creating sand sculptures whenever I’m at the beach and the elements permit.

The family just spent two weeks on the Bellarine Peninsula, based at Portarlington. While I was too busy with work to spend the whole time there, I was able to get away for the weekends and found some great sand on Saturday at the Point Lonsdale front beach. We visited the lighthouse a few years previously, and I was also thinking of Nick heading from Portugal to the Canaries, so I made this: