I’ve mentioned my good friend Nick before, and it’s time to mention him again. He’s set out to sail single-handed from Europe to Australia. Which is simply amazing. And he’s just now managed to cross the Bay of Biscay. And well into the northern hemisphere season where, frankly, you’re just meant to moor your boat for the winter and try to keep warm.

He sent me all the details before he left on Thursday: Emergency Response Beacon number, British registration number, etc. Just the sort of details that you never want to have to recite to anyone. And he said that if I hadn’t heard from him by Monday, I should start to be concerned and contact the British Coast Guard. Of course, having the utmost faith in this amazing young man, I wasn’t worried in the least. But just the same, by 9pm Monday I’m on the phone to his dad saying: “Do you think he meant the end of Monday, Europe time? Is this about the time where we should perhaps begin to think about getting concerned?”. And literally as I’m saying this, sitting in front of my laptop that I’d turned on a few minutes before, a Google chat box pops up with “made it man” from Nick. So much relief all round. Of course we never doubted him for a second, but it’s nice to know that he’s back standing on solid ground.

So head over to and be sure to make a donation to a struggling sailor/artist/geek/adventurer so he can continue his incredible journey!