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46285800 before the Epoch

Friday, June 25th, 2004

Nick thought it was cool to express his DOB as a Unix timestamp. But then I told him mine was a negative number. I was born before the Epoch. Before Zero. BZ. Another thing that’s cool about being old.


Sunday, June 20th, 2004

Time to shake the first-post paralysis. I’ve had web pages for 10 years but this is my first blog post. And I’m writing this under significant duress (My wife: What’s a blog? What are you going to write? Well, go on! Have you written anything yet? Can I have a look? etc.)

Anyhow, perhaps I should have called this blog “Collecting my thoughts”, because that’s the purpose I’d like it to serve. Just a few thoughts here and there, the occasional rant, and hopefully I’ll get some time every once in a while to contemplate.

But “Red under the bed” it is. You’ll probably find me tending to progressive on most issues. And some of my friends like to call me Red.

Comments welcome, of course!