My Software


  • pwebstats is a fully featured http log analyser and statistics generator with graph creation facilities, written in Perl. Pwebstats has been used used by organisations such as Digital, SGI, Spyglass; Australian Internet providers, Netinfo, Bitnet, Omen, Daemon, MetroNet, Zip, HiLink and others; and Universities like ANU, UWA, Monash, Latrobe, RMIT, Swinburne (all in Australia) and Oxford. Pwebstats is free to educational institutions and non-profit organisations, but commercial organisations must pay a licensing fee. Contact me for details.
  • fly is a C program which produces GIF images on the fly from a program or script written in the language of your choice. It’s used by pwebstats to produce graphs and charts. Freeware.
  • cgi-mailer is a simple to use form-to-email gateway that allows users full control over the format and content of an email message sent from a web form. Freeware.

Perl Scripts

  • is a CGI ‘proxy’ program. You can point it at another cgi program (say, one on a machine behind your firewall), and it will pass input and output back and forward. Requires Perl 5.001 and the LWP module.
  • is a quick-and-dirty link checker. Runs from the unix command line and requires Perl 5.003 or later. Output is formatted for a 132-column window. Freeware.
  • is similar to the Netmind URL-Minder service (now called Mind-it), but lets you take parts of the page out with a regexp so lame things like SSI counters don’t cause you to get notifications every time the counter ticks over. It uses a MD5 checksum of the cut-down page as a basis for comparison. Freeware.

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